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Ceriteria & Process

Testing and Certification Process


Step 1. Testing and Certification Process

Step 2. Kick-off meeting
    - (TTA) Explain GS testing & certification criteria and process
    - (Applicant) Explain the software product applied for testing & certification
    - (TTA & Applicant) Discuss test and certification scope and make test agreement

                                              for product configurations and testing environments
    - (TTA) Notify the applicant of testing & certification fee

Step 3. (TTA & Applicant) Contract

Step 4. (TTA) Analysis & Design
    - Set up testbeds
    - Analyze the software product under test
    - Design test cases

Step 5. (TTA) Perform testing
    - Perform testing in terms of eight characteristics according to ISO/IEC 25023                    and ISO/IEC 25051
    - Report defects and regression test after defect correction

Step 6. (TTA) Report defects

Step 7. (Applicant) Defect correction

Step 8. (TTA) Write test & evaluation reports

Step 9. Screening committee

Step 10. Issue GS Certificate with test reports

Step 11. Issue test reports

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