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GS Certification
What is GS Certification?

The GS (Good Software) certification began in 2001 in order to improve the quality of software products and promote the spread of high quality products.​

To certify that it is good quality software, we perform systematic testing and evaluate it based on international standards, ISO/IEC 25023, 25051 and 25041. Based on the evaluation results, we issue a GS Certificate according to Article 20 (Good Software Certification) of SOFTWARE PROMOTION ACT.


1. Improve the quality of software products by providing software quality     certification

2. Encourage the use of high quality software by promoting certified

    products which support the sales of SME software products and lead

    to the vitalization of the domestic software industry

Software Types Covered by Testing & Certification

UTM, WAS, DBMS, Operating System, IoT Solution, SCADA, Middleware, etc.

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